Bill Gates the Oracle?

Have you seen this TED Talk from Bill Gates talking about an epidemic…. FIVE YEARS AGO?  FIVE YEARS AGO!! Egads…

A highly infection virus?  Prepared response teams? Enough inventory to support the hospitals and 1st line workers?  Gates even presented solutions on some of the biggest concerns.  And I’m pretty sure as we’re in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic none of the solutions were implemented.  Seriously…. the adage of “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still holds true.

Here’s a pretty cool follow up in 2020.

The Double Bind…

This Ted Talk is fascinating.


His final thoughts are definitely worth pondering.

be a ferocious mama bear and a humble advice seeker. Have excellent evidence and strong allies. Be a passionate perspective taker. And if you use those tools — and each and every one of you can use these tools — you will expand your range of acceptable behavior, and your days will be mostly joyful.”