A bigly app for Trump?

So I read on the BBC today there’s a new app that “applauds” China’s Xi Jinping.  It’s purely a communist political tool for China.  But the concept of this app is ingenious.  It brings the whole country to participate in such rousing patriotic spirit by applauding the President Xi.

Come to think of it… This would be a great app for Trump.  I need to learn how to program apps.



New York Times Interview with Trevor Noah

I watch Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show on fairly consistent basis.  My YouTube feed popped up an hour long interview the New York Times did with Noah about Race and Identity as it relates to him.  When he talks seriously these divisive subjects, his responses are eloquent and thoughtful.  It’s worth listening to.


Ali Wong Stand-up Comedy

Recently I went one of Ali Wong‘s comedy show in Las Vegas.  I know her from her Netflix special called Baby Cobra.  So when I found out she was touring and had a shows near by, I jumped at the chance to go to one of the shows.  I’m glad I did.  I initially paid for a back section but was upgraded closer to the stage.  I guess they closed the back section and moved quite a few people closer to the front.


Her routine is a mix of personal stories and observations of Asian Americans in US.  Some of the bits are spot on perfect while others are more exaggerations of Asian American culture biases.  This show definitely is different from the Netflix show.  Some of the bits are continuations of the stories she told while most of it comes her experiences going through pregnancy and then motherhood.

I highly recommend anyone to watch this show.

The Mind of a Chef

There’s this awesome PBS show called “The Mind of a Chef” that’s being shown on Netflix.  According to the website and wiki, it’s a documentary about a chef and his/her inspiration into cooking.  I’m currently watching Season 1 which stars David Chang of Momofuku Restaurant Group fame.  One of his restaurants apparently is a 2 Michelin Star restaurant.

Of the 10 episodes I’ve watched so far, his love of ramen is evident.  It honestly makes me want to go out to have some ramen and tsukemen at some of the local ramen shops in the neighborhood.  But as the show dives into his inspirations, I find his passion for cooking is amazing.  I was surprised that he even lectured at Harvard in the pork/buta-bushi episode.  Granted most of the biology was covered by microbiologists at Harvard but to go so far as to try to understand the process of what makes pork/buta-bushi unique at a scientific level shows passion.

I’m almost done with season 1.  I’m going to go find myself a hearty bowl of tonkotsu ramen…

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

It’s October.  But due to the Fortnum & Mason beans, I haven’t tried Angel’s Cup from September which comes from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.


It’s an Ethiopian coffee from what’s apparently the Gedeo zone.  I smell a faint nutty aroma.  I sometimes get whiffs of berries or apples.

Grinding the beans, the dominant smell of nuts and berries take over.  I also get whiffs of something else so possibly it’s the peach and kiwi?  I don’t know… it smells very fruity yet doesn’t smell exactly like berries.

Making the latte gives a smooth feeling to the tongue.  I still get the same fruity yet not really berry aroma.  The latte didn’t go down as quickly as the Fortnum & Mason beans.  However, these beans do give a refreshing after taste though.

A Note to Self podcast

I learned two new words as related to relationship… simmering and icing.  They come from this podcast Note to Self that I listen to.  In this podcast, the host interviews a relationship expert about online relationships and the recent occurrence of a new behavior of being in a relationship while at the same time not in a relationship.  It’s like Schrodinger’s cat. 

What fascinates me is the last half the episode where the expert talks about the changing definition of relationship. The expert reframes the relationship not as a growth of a couple together but a growth of two distinct separate but equal (for lack of a better phrase) individuals.  The expert simplifies this distinction with an analogy of cornerstone vs. capstone model of relationship. 

This episode is very enlightening.  Go listen. 


Fortnum & Mason Coffee

This is not from Angel’s Cup subscription.  I was gifted this bag as a souvenir.


I’m not sure if Fortnum & Mason is considered a coffee roaster.  They sell a lot of what seems to be luxury food items and goods.  Regardless if they aren’t a true coffee roasting company, this bag of coffee was apparently grown in India.  India?  Ya it’s not one a popular country where you’d think coffee bean comes from but but it is within the “region” where coffee grows.

Anyways, the aroma wasn’t very spectacular as some of the previous bags I’ve tasted.  It had a subtle earth, nutmeg and chocolate aroma.   Grinding the beans however brought out a nutty aroma mixed with hints of berry.

After I made my latte, the first sip was amazing.  I almost immediately drank the rest of the latte and finished it with an intense feeling of wanting another cup.  The latte went down smoothly like I’m drinking water.  There is this subtle aftertaste of smooth dark chocolate that coats my mouth.  I think it’s this aftertaste that triggering feelings of wanting a 2nd cup.  Every time I’ve made this in the morning, I always get the same feeling of needing a 2nd cup.  These beans are deceptively delicious.