Klatch Coffee

April’s Angels Cup comes from Klatch Coffee. It’s a blend that marks Klatch’s 30 year anniversary. From the description, the bag is a blend of Ethiopian and El Savadoran beans. Opening the bag, I get a powerful floral smell that also has hints of fermentation.

Making my latte, the first sip is amazing. The sweet, fruity, floral and citrus flavors all come out at once. However, after that first sip, the fermentation smell hits and starts to overpower the floral and fruity flavors. It’s amazing how smell can overpower taste. That fermenting smell though grows on you though. I find the smell somewhat pleasant after making lattes a few times.

Coffee AspectsYes / No
Intense AromaNo
Balanced AromaNo
Other AromaYes
Intense 1st sipYes
Balanced FlavorYes
Chocolate FlavorYes
2nd cup?No