MOMOS Coffee

I stopped by a local coffee shop called Kumquat Coffee and Tea over the weekend. At this shop, there were quite few imported roasted beans from Korea. Since the most recent Angels Cup roaster shipped a less than the normal amount of beans, I thought it might be wise to stock up on at least one additional bag of beans. Since I’ve had the opportunity to taste roasted beans from Ethiopia, I ended up choosing one that I thought was close to the Yirgacheffe region where many of the roasters also bought their beans.

What I found out later is that that MOMOS Coffee is actually famous because one of their barista was the 2019 World Barista Champion (2nd link, 3rd link). Talk about luck of the draw… Anyhow, I made my latte and this instantly tastes similar to all the other lattes I’ve made with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans. Not only does it taste similar, it’s extremely fruity and floral. This is one of the more delicious lattes I’ve made in a while too.