Enderly Coffee Co

May’s Angels Cup comes from Enderly Coffee Co.  I got this in mid May but I’ve been a bit lazy posting my thoughts.  If this roaster looks familiar, then that’s because Angels Cup previously sent me beans from this coffee roaster some time ago too.  However unlike last time’s beans, these beans are from Rwanda.  When I open the bag, I get hints of licorice, nuts and cherry.  I also get this faint flowery hint too.


The smell of the beans after grinding is intoxicating.  The subtle nut flavor blooms.  Drinking my latte, that nutty flavor explodes on the first sip followed by a smooth velvety licorice and hints of chocolate and finally ending with this sweet aftertaste.  The flavor subtleties of these beans is pretty broad.  I think every time I’ve made my latte, the flavors change just a little bit.  I’ve had a mix of fruity flavors and floral flavors at different times that I’ve made my latte.


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