New Zealand’s All Black

That Amazon and NFL documentary series All or Nothing apparently expanded to other sports.  This expansion includes college football, soccer (or globally known as football/futbol) and rugby (if you couldn’t deduce from the post title).

With rugby, the show followed the famous New Zealand All Blacks (wiki) during 2017 season.  I’m on episode 3 so far and I’m already blown away at how crazy, tough, and brutal rugby can be.  Never mind geared and padded American football players hitting each other, the rugby players are tackling each other with their own bodies with what seems like (or maybe edited to seem like) the same intensity as football players.  They still deal with the same issues of concussion and injury.

But this makes me wonder, why is it that American football with all it’s padding and gear designed to protect players still result in players with concussions?  Is there any study comparing the rate of concussion and other injuries in American football to rugby?



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