Panther Coffee

Marche’s Drink Trade Cofee selection comes from Panther Coffee. I’m excited to drink these single origin beans from Guatemala. Panther Coffee’s instagram post expands on the origins of these beans.

Opening the bag, I smell this wonderfully sweet, fruity aroma. There’s a hint of nuttiness or earthiness as well if I bury my nose and smell deeply in the bag. Making my latte, I’m greeted with a sweet honey and berry flavor. After a few sips, I started to notice there is also a milk chocolate after taste that left a very pleasant sweetness. This sweetness sometimes made me want to immediately make a 2nd cup when I felt like I didn’t get enough of this delicious coffee.

Coffee AspectsYes / No
Intense AromaYes
Balanced AromaYes
Other AromaNo
Intense 1st sipNo
Balanced FlavorYes
Chocolate FlavorYes
2nd cup?Yes

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