OKLAO Specialty Coffee

Knowing that I would be tasting a lot of Taiwanese grown and roasted coffee, I also was interested to see how OKLAO’s roasted Ethiopian coffee beans would taste like. Readers of this blog would know that many of the coffee beans showcased in previous blog posts originate from Ethiopia. Since the Yirgacheffe Ethiopian beans is a fairly common region where many other roasters source their coffee beans, I figured I should give this specific bag a shot to see.

The bag smells very flowery with subdued fruity aromas. For transparency, by the time I got around to open the bag, it had already been a good 3 months since I purchased the beans. Making my latte, the latte tastes very similar to other lattes made with Ethiopian beans. Perhaps due to the time spent between roasting and brewing, I tasted predominantly a very nutty and chocolate flavor. There was a subdued fruit/berry flavor in the initial sip but it gets overwhelmed by the chocolate flavor after a few sips.

Coffee AspectsYes / No
Intense AromaNo
Balanced AromaYes
Other AromaYes
Intense 1st sipNo
Balanced FlavorYes
Chocolate FlavorYes
2nd cup?No

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