Black Stallion Coffee Company

Today, the coffee beans I’m writing about are not from Angels Cup nor Trade Coffee — surprise surprise~! These beans are Black Stallion Cofee Company which also happen to be a local black and veteran owned business. #SupportLocalBusiness. To be honest, someone told me about this local coffee roaster. And like all coffee chasers, I went to visit the roaster expecting to get a latte. Unfortunately, they are still just roasting coffee beans on site with plans of opening up a future cafe. (Thanks Coronavirus!) On impulse since I was already at the cafe, I bought a bag of the Majestic. I look forward to a day I can sip a latte.

These coffee beans are actually a blend from 3 regions: Ethiopia, Brazil and one other South American country (Colombia?). I am greeted with floral, citrus and toffee aromas upon opening the bag. Making my latte, I initially taste berries and this wonderful rich dark chocolate flavor. I also get a familiar dark roasted barley/roasted grain taste reminiscent of the lattes made from Kona coffee beans. For randomly buying and trying the beans, these are very delicious.


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