Equator Coffee

So a few days ago, I posted about trying a different coffee subscription service Trade Coffee.  I placed an order and I received this (pic below) in the mail from Equator Coffees yesterday.


Opening the bag, I smell of nutty aromas, sweet honey and hints of licorice/star anise.  Sometimes I also smelled traces of cinnamon maybe.  Grinding the beans brings out the aromas of the sweet honey and star anise.  However I think I enjoyed more the whole bean version.

After making my latte, that first sip was amazing.  Sugar and licorice flavors inter-mingled with milk chocolate.  After the first sip coated the tongue, the second sip accented the star anise flavor a bit more.  Although I didn’t drink it all in one long gulp,  I thoroughly enjoyed that first cup so much that I immediately made a 2nd latte.  And also finished that quickly too.  I know I’m going to enjoy this coffee while it lasts.


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