Wildgoose Coffee Roasters

Not part of Angels Cup, I stumbled across an independent coffee shop.  After buying their latte, I found the coffee to be delicious and ended up buying a bag of beans that they used.  Although the coffee shop doesn’t actively roast their own beans, they source the beans from few local/SoCal roasters.  Wildgoose Coffee Roasters comes from Redlands.  Reading the website, these roasters set aside part of the money from selling beans to donate to food banks.


These beans comes from Honduras.  I’ve had very few beans roasted from Central American so these should be a nice treat from the usual Ethiopian beans that I’ve been getting.  Opening the bag, a fruity yet not too nutty aroma greets me.

While making my latte, I noticed that crema foam on top is pretty thick and decided to skim a bit into my mug.  After making the latte, the first sip was pretty amazing.  Berry and floral flavors danced on my tongue.  The after taste after each sip was so delicious that I savored every drop.  Knowing about the roaster’s donating to the food bank, makes this coffee worth getting when I stop by the coffee shop.


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