Traveling Cheap…

There are a lot of travel deals that allow someone to travel relatively cheap. These deals come usually in the form of discounts which require you to pre-pay. I’ve noticed that you can get up to 20% off of the current rate. The discounts are even better than the loyalty member rates sometimes. But remember you have to pre-pay.

At this point, you’re probably wondering: “Why not? A cheap deal is a good deal. Money saved is money earned.” And normally I wouldn’t really disagree with you. But lately, I’ve been finding that booking these discount rates are getting to be a hassle. All the fine print with their limitations and exclusions just doesn’t seem to justify the price anymore. Who actually reads the fine print? I’ve been burned a few times because of the fine print. Fortunately, it hasn’t been huge monetary loss after calling and complaining.

I’m also starting to get annoyed at the pre-payment requirement. I understand why companies would want to get paid since getting paid first is always better. Who wants to pay first in full before getting any benefit from the actual trip? I certainly don’t.


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