Angels Cup Gesha Box (1)

As an Angels Cup subscription member, I also opted to purchase the Angels Cup Geisha Holiday Box offer.  The holiday box offers 4 Gesha beans. I’ve finished two of the four and midway through the 3rd.


The first Gesha varietal was extremely aromatic.  There was a smell strong port brandy / port wine. There was also strong aromas of jasmine, peach and hints of fermented fruit.  The fruity fermentation flavor carried well into each sip of my latte.  This was one of those really weird yet pleasantly enjoyable coffee to drink.



These beans didn’t have the strong aromas as the previous one.  However the fruity and chocolaty smell was extremely subtle.  After making the latte, the subtle fruits were much more prominent with a lingering chocolate aftertaste.  Pretty smooth and I was disappointed I didn’t have more.



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