The Last Mile…

On YouTube, I saw a Vox vlog about those ubiquitous e-scooters. Vox quickly went into the history of sidewalks and how the sidewalks have ended up in their present day format. Although I agree with the idea of e-scooter startups and their bet on the “last mile problem” in public transportation, I don’t think the solution of “complete streets” is really viable.

Behavior of the masses is hard to change. If people want to drive then they will find a way to drive regardless if there are other viable option. To be honest, I sometimes feel that the 405 expansion seems to have only increased the traffic through the Sepulveda pass.

In my opinion, the most viable alternative would be to convert existing streets into bus only traffic, or add rail lines extending the network of public transportation. And then convert the remaining street space into bike/scooter/last mile alternative only lanes. By eliminating the car lane completely, local/county government are actively encouraging people to walk/bike/run on these car free zones while also promoting the public transportation option. Since the bus-only/rail transit are not competing against car traffic, they should be able to zip through neighborhoods much faster and not be tied up in car traffic jams.

And to be honest, being able to safely bike or even rollerblade from DTLA to SaMo would be legitimately something I want to do.


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