Barrington Coffee Roasting Co

September’s Angels Cup comes from the Barrington Coffee Roasting Company.  I received beans from Kenya this month which is a nice change.  Angels Cup has been sending quite a few coffee beans from Ethiopia these past few months.  Kenya is located south of Ethiopia and is also well known for their coffee growing regions.

The beans come from Nyeri which is in the Central region of Kenya.  Opening the bag, I get whiffs of flower and berries.  There is a weak earthy aroma mingling between the flowers and berries.


Making my latte, I’m amazed at the smoothness of the latte.  There was no acidity, bitterness or sourness. The floral and berry aroma are muted in each sip.  I sometimes think I’m tasting milk chocolate as well.  There’s no toffee/nuttiness either.  There’s a different aftertaste that lingers at the back of the tongue from some of the other companies.  However, it’s hard to describe.


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