Car Dashcams

Is there an integrated rearview mirror and camera combination sold in the market?  The type of device I’m thinking of is a device capable of auto recording video on a 6 hour loop  (6 hour is a random time frame I chose) when the car is on and moving and a camera mode to take still pictures every hour or when there is an abnormal “bump” to the car which turns on the recording function for the 15 min (also random time frame).

When I think about it, the camera doesn’t even need to be part of the rearview mirror.  The car just needs to have an integrated front  and back camera (at a minimum) and the ability to record the video/take pictures.

With the potential of accidents occurring, why haven’t car insurance companies offered discounts to drivers that have dash cams?  Surely it would be in the best interest of the insurance companies to know what happened during the accident from at least one point of view.  Right?



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