OKLAO Specialty Coffee

This is the third and final bag of Taiwanese grown coffee form OKLAO. Like the previous bag, the beans appear to come from a different coffee farm in the Yunlin region. They taste and smell very similar to the previous bag. The fruity and flowery aroma remains consistent perhaps because it’s from the same region.

Making my latte, I don’t taste the ashy/mineral flavor that I tasted in the last bag. Instead, I get a fruity and floral flavors. Of the three Taiwanese coffees, I enjoyed this one the most as it reminded me more of traditional coffee flavors (fruity and floral).

Coffee AspectsYes / No
Intense AromaNo
Balanced AromaYes
Other AromaNo
Intense 1st sipYes
Balanced FlavorYes
Chocolate FlavorYes
2nd cup?No

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