Equator Coffees

With all the Kona/Hawaii coffee over the past few months, I temporarily postponed both of my coffee subscriptions. In the near future, I’ll be getting more Kona/Hawaii coffee soon so I may have to postpone the subscriptions one or two more months. However, I run into a dilemma where I’ve ran out of the beans from my trip to Hawaii but I know I will be getting more Kona/Hawaii beans later this month. What do I do!?

Well I obviously go to roaster to buy a bag to tide me over right? Equator Coffees recently opened up a brick and mortar shop near by. I’ve actually heard of them because the coffee subscription have sent me a few of their bags in the past. They were always top notch delicious. So buying a bag is obviously the right thing to do to tide me over until the next wave of Hawaiian/Kona beans drops.

These beans are a light roast from southern Rwanda. They’re a single origin coming from an all woman’s cooperative (per the website). Making my latte, I taste this super delicious and creamy chocolate flavor with hints of florals at the back of the tongue. The more I drink this, I get a more earthy flavor that replaces the florals. This is really delicious that somedays I’ll make a second latte shortly after finishing.


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