Wailuku Coffee Co

Another one of the coffee spoils from Hawaii. This one comes from Wailuku Coffee Co. It’s main store is this small cafe that opens up onto the pedestrian walkway where customers can relax and enjoy the breeze. It’s unfortunate that there were construction at the time which really detracted from the ambience.

Interestingly enough, during the flight back from Hawaii, I think the depressurization of the luggage compartment removed most if not all the air from the 5 coffee bags I brought back (yes I bought 5 bags of coffee, and this is the 3rd to be reviewed!!) Opening the bag up, I smell floral and earthy aromas. The beans are from a variety called Red Catuai. I’ve probably have had them in the past but roasters rarely call out the sub species/varietals of coffee.

Making my latte, I am greeted with a sweet, nutty, and chocolatey flavor. Each sip goes down very smooth with a after tatste similar to that of Kona. This after taste has a very mineralistic, volcanic nature to it perhaps unique to the Hawaiian islands.


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