Tastes of Aloha / Volcano Coffee Company

Clearly one bag of Kona beans is not enough. I give you a 2nd bag of Kona. This time it’s from Volcano Coffee Company. Apparently this “coffee company” is part of a distribution company called “Tastes of Aloha” that provides gift boxes with products from local companies. Regardless, it’s advertised as Kona coffee so it’s worth trying and comparing against the Lion Coffee posted earlier.

Opening the bag, the smells and aromas are very similar to that of the Lion Coffee Kona. I smell this burnt chocolatey aroma that just overpowers everything else. Making my latte, I find the latte to be much smoother aftertaste relative to the Lion. I get much more of a chocolatey, nutty flavor followed by a smooth milk chocolate after taste. Although both are enjoyable, I find myself truly enjoying more of the lattes made with these beans.


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