Angels Cup Geisha Black Box

In late 2020, I was fortunate to able to pre-order the Angels Cup 2020 Holiday Black Box. The black box normally is a blind tasting box. However, the holiday version contains the geisha (gesha) beans roasted by different roasters. The box comes in four small bags with just enough for me to make 3 cups of latte per bag.

Bag A – This bag was had subtle florals mingling with strong earthy and berry aromas. Making the latte, I taste subtle citrus flavor with the first stip. A floral aftertaste lingers after each sip.

Bag B – Similar to Bag A but the floral and fruity aromas were much stronger. Making the latte, I get a strong nutty and chocolate taste. There’s also a slight yogurt like, fermentation flavor and aroma immediately with each sip. This flavor quickly dissipates though.

Bag C – This bag had more of a floral aroma. With the first sip of my latte, I taste sweet floral flavor. The sweetness lingers on my tongue with each sip. There is also a slight nutty after taste.

Bag D – Bag D had much more fruity aromas. My latte was an explosion of fruit flavors. The fruitiness gave way to this nice floral after taste. I wish I had more opportunities to drink from bag D.


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