Luminous Coffee

December’s Angels Cup comes from Luminous Coffee. The beans are from the Tarrazu region in Costa Rica. Reading about this region, the beans from this area sound like they’re the best of Costa Rica. I received two bags of see through plastic containing the beans. The design is pretty interesting and definitely “luminous.”

The aroma from the beans are amazing. When I open the bag, I am greeted by this fruity and yogurt aroma. Making my latte, an intense aroma of berries and fruits lingers in the air after I press the espresso slurry out of the AeroPress. With the first sip, I tasted berries and a rich chocolate milk flavor. A nutty after taste emerges after a few more sips that changes the flavor to a rich earthy chocolaty almost fermented flavor. I find that I can’t use too much hot water or it ends up diluting the flavor a bit.


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