Red Bay Coffee Roasters

November’s Trade Coffee (yes I’m late in posting) comes from Red Bay Coffee Roasters. The beans are from Mbeya, Tanzania. I don’t think I’ve had the opportunity to taste any beans from Tanzania. So this bag will be a new experience. I also haven’t had too many medium-dark roast beans as well too. I also found out that the Angels Cup subscription sends me light roast coffee. I’ve updated that to medium roast and perhaps in a few months change to dark roast.

The initial aroma opening this bag was amazing. Fruity, nutty, and a strong roasted aroma filled the room. I literally kept smelling the beans for a full minute. The aroma from the ground beans had more of a fruity and nutty aroma. Making my latte, the first sip was delicious. I was shocked at the berry, chocolate and roasted nut(?) flavors. The lingering roasted nutty aftertaste tied all the flavors together at the back of the tongue. Each sip added to the berry flavors making this latte very enjoyable for the morning. I haven’t enjoyed a latte that wow’d me in quite some time.


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