Little Amps Coffee Roaster

I had accidentally updated the frequency of Angels cup delivery to twice a month.  It should be set back to once a month now since I have two coffee subscriptions now.  So June’s 2nd Angel’s cup comes from Little Amps Coffee Roasters.  These beans are from Columbia’s Finca La Argentina in Tolima.  Based on Google maps, this is a pretty high elevated region in the world.


The aroma smells wonderful.  I get hints of floral, fruity and berry aromas.  On a second whiff, I also get this subtle earthy aroma.  Making my latte and on the first sip, the berry and fruity flavors stand out amazingly well.  I also get this strong earthy, nutty after taste that lingers and coats the back of my tongue.  This coating left an unexpected slight bitterness after each sip.  I say unexpected since many of the beans that had a floral and fruity aroma rarely had any bitterness as well.  So it was surprising to taste the flavor profile evolving after a few sips.



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