For some time, I’ve been debating on “changing the brand” (if you could call it a brand) away from Eureka!  It was originally supposed to be a food blog back in the day.  So for me the idea of Eureka! was tied to the California state motto of “I found it!”  Clearly a clever whimsical play on words and meaning on finding food.  The state motto is related to the California Gold Rush era whereas traditionally the term Eureka! is attributed to the anecdote of Archimedes discovering the concept liquid volume displacement of a solid.

But it’s evolved into a personal blog of mine where I share my random thoughts, coffee addiction, and any thing I find either interesting, outrageous or thought provoking.  I also use all my social media accounts in this fashion as well.  And because of this evolution, the idea of Eureka! didn’t really make sense anymore.  So I spent quite a long time thinking of a clever blog name but none of the ideas really really reflected the type of blogging I was doing.  But do you know what did make sense?  FELIX!  Yea… original…


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