A new proposal for the police?

As a kid, I remember watching the 1992 LA riots.  At that time, I didn’t know what was going on except it was somehow related to the Rodney King verdict.  Almost 30 years later and the constant needless deaths from the unnecessary police violence, the spark from George Floyd’s death literally ignited a firestorm of pent up frustrations and anger.

Can I just say… all the reforms people have talked about and implemented… clearly have not been working to the degree that it should.  Have they been working?  I’m sure they have.  But even after 30 years, shouldn’t there already be significant change in the system already across the country?  Even with the change, how much longer do people have to suffer?  Will another year, or 10 years, do any good?

Here’s what I’m thinking, what if society, over a one month period, replaced all the white police officers with minorities (i.e. non-Caucasians) and see how this social experiment goes for another 30 years? Oh is 30 years too long?  Well tough shit, maybe these reforms should have been taken more seriously.

So why 30 years?  Let’s mark the Rodney King beating as the start of all the “reforms” since if you really think about it, the taped recording (very violent) was the first “social media posting” of police brutality and violence towards a person of color.  Let’s make George Floyd’s death the final bookend to the past three decades of pain, anguish and anger.



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