New Coffee Subscription

During this COVID-19 shelter in place, I’ve noticed that the coffee beans from my AngelsCup subscription tend to be finished within 2 weeks after I open them.  Since it’s a currently a monthly subscription, do you see how this can be a “brewing” problem?  Ba-dum-tshh.  Anyways, I’ve upped the frequency now to twice a month.  I also have a referral code “CoffeeHunter12050” if you also want to partake in AngelsCup.  Apparently you can get 25% on their first delivery.

However, it’s also been 3 years since I last researched about coffee subscription services.  Thanks to Google and Facebook algorithms, I was introduced to another subscription service called Trade Coffee.  And I signed up on a monthly basis. So we’ll see how this subscription works out.


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