Greater Goods Coffee Roaster

February’s Angels Cup comes from Greater Goods Coffee Roaster.  The beans are from Ethiopia’s Guji region which I’ve had the pleasure of tasting from various different roasters.  Each roaster tends to roast the beans differently imparting a slightly different flavor profile.  Greater Goods is no different.


Opening the bag, I’m greeted with a very floral aroma.  It’s one of the most floral smells ever that lingers in the nose.  After mixing the beans a bit though, a subtle toffee aroma emerges with the floral smell.  Once I grind it, the aroma transforms into this nutty earthy smell.

Making my latte and with the first sip, I taste blueberry/blackberry flavors intermingling with this citrus-y aroma.  The flavor gradually morphs into a subtle sweet chocolate milk after the latte coats my tongue.


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