OMG… the Customer Service…

Since it’s the end of the year, there are quite a few online sales that go on.  In addition, my credit card also have deals if I spend $X at a particular location, I get $Y back.  In this case, I had to spend $150 to get $30 back.  That is an effective cash rebate of 20%.  And so it happens, I needed some shoes and a fairly popular shoe brand had a sale.  I ended up ordering two pairs of shoes to be able to satisfy the spending requirements.  Each pair was shipped separately but to the same location (a UPS store).

A few days go by and I get a notification that both shoes have been delivered.  However, it turns out, only 1 of the shoe was delivered.  The remaining shoe was still in transit.  I waited two more days and it became apparent that 2nd pair would not be arriving.  I started to investigate the whereabouts of this 2nd pair by calling UPS.  This is where the fun begins…

UPS customer service rep (CSR) tells me that the package was apparently delivered to the wrong address.  Furthermore, the CSR says to start initiating a claim through the website.  Ok fair enough.  I go to the CSR Portal and input the tracking number.  And I get an error saying that the tracking number cannot be used to file a claim.  WTF!?  So I called UPS back again and they kept transferring me for no real good reason as I was trying to explain the situation.  Eventually, I got to a person who investigated and said that the shoe brand placed a restriction on the tracking number to prevent customers from making any sort of claim.  My only recourse was to contact the shoe brand and not UPS.  Seriously? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

And so I called the shoe brand.  After explaining the first part of my situation, the customer service rep responded with some sass responding with “why doesn’t the UPS just go back and pick up the package?” and “just log into and go file a claim and get me that claim#.”  But after hearing that there’s some sort of hold preventing me from filing a claim, the rep’s sass disappeared and put me on hold.  I guess after consultation with while on hold, I received a fraud#.  The rep opened a fraud claim to have the fraud department investigate.

Ya I don’t know… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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