Botanical Roasters

November’s Angels Cup comes from Botanical Roasters. The beans come from Zambia’s Kateshi Ngoli which from Google appears to be a coffee estate.  Reading about the background of these estates, it sounds very similar to a self contained city/compound with housing, nurseries and classrooms — very cool.


To be honest and I’ve said this before, coffee beans tend to smell very similar to each other.   I smelled a mix of nutty, earthy and berry aromas for these beans.  However, I noticed that after grinding the beans, the resulting ground looked very fluffy and light.  The ground beans looked significantly different than previous beans as scooped it out into the Aeropress.

Taking the first sip of my latte was amazing: sweet honey, chocolate, berry and even grape  flavors.  After that first sip, I ended up drinking the rest of it in pretty much one continuous long drink.  It was really that good.  I haven’t had a latte where guzzled it down in one shot.


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