So I’ve been thinking about jumping into a non-SMS based 2-Factor Authentication route for a long time.  Similarly, I’ve thought a password manager might be useful as well.  So when I saw a 1Password deal of 6 months free service and a $10 discount off a 2-pack of YubiKey5 from 1Password, the combined deal gave me a little more reason to make an impulse decision to jump into both systems immediately.

So spending maybe 3 hours already on setup… I’m a little disappointed at 1Password.

  • I had originally thought the interface would be a little easier.  But I struggled somewhat trying to figure out how to get the Firefox and Chrome extensions to “autofill” the site information.  But as I figured out how that interface worked, I started to realize that I DIDN’T REALLY LIKE having 1Password fill out my info.  Call me old school, but typing in my user login and password felt like I was in control and would minimize the possibility of me forgetting my actual password.  Plus I currently have my own system for managing passwords.
  • I set up the new YubiKey as part of the 2FA login process for 1Password online.  But do you know what’s a little odd?  2FA doesn’t kick in when I’m logging into the Windows App, the Firefox extension and the Chrome extension either.  What’s the point of having a YubiKey if there’s no authentication when using 1Password on Windows, Firefox or Chrome?  That’s just weird.

Finally, I’m a little disappointed that financial institutions don’t support YubiKey.  They do have have their own 2FA method.  But enabling there own 2FA method complicates the use of financial software like Quicken or Mint.  I’m for safety, privacy, and security. But when you check Quicken as often as I do (every day), having to deal with all the different 2FA through Quicken is annoying.



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