Oklao Specialty Coffee

Did you know Taiwan has an environment that is capable of growing coffee beans?  Taiwan is apparently located at the outer limit of acceptable.


The last time I was in Taiwan there was a local coffee shop called Oklao Coffee.  Apparently there are a few locations in Taiwan that are growing beans.  One is around the Alishan region (near central Taiwan) and another is at Dongshan (near the eastern coast).  They are grown in the mountainous region.  This coffee company bought and roasted these beans as well as other beans around the world.  But seeing how they’re a Taiwan roaster using Taiwan grown coffee beans, I had to at least try them.



These beans actually have a very subtle floral aroma and maybe some berry.  I’ve noticed that the aroma of the beans isn’t as great as when I first started getting beans and making lattes at home.  Anyways, making my latte, I have to say I’m pretty impressed.  These beans subtly remind me of the flavor of my latte when I use Kona beans.  The latte was chocolaty and smooth.


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