Docent Coffee

When I saw this bag picture, the first thought I had was… “damn this looks like Madoka art when witches.”  Anyways I am extremely behind on coffee posts.  Previous coffees and a two week trip (where I also picked up more coffee) will have me super caffeinated in the following months to come.

This “month’s” post (and I use that term VERY loosely) comes from Docent Coffee.  The beans are from Ethiopia’s Guji region.  I’ve had these beans from the region before.


When I make my latte, the flavors are uniquely different.  I get this sweet honey flavor mixed in with super ripe and sweet pineapple.  That pineapple flavor actually reminds me of the sweetness from Taiwanese pineapple.  After the first sip, the latte morphs into a delicious milk chocolate.  Strangely enough, the colder this latte (by adding cold milk),  the more delicious it actually is


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