Maui Grown Coffee

During the holidays, I received quite a lot of coffee.  This one came from Maui and is very much a dark roast.  According to the person who gave me these beans, the beans were grown on old lava beds.  As you can see these came from the Maui Grown Coffee Company.


The beans have this strong earthy/burnt aroma.  I think the dark roasting of these beans imparted a very “burnt” aroma.   After grinding the beans and mixing hot water in the Aeropress, I noticed that the resultant slurry consistency was much different from previous beans.  The crema froth and coffee slurry looked different from what I was used to seeing.  Out of curiosity on why it looked different, I skimmed the crema into my cup prior to pressing out the espresso concentrate.  It turns out the crema contained had a lot of ground coffee particles trapped in the crema froth.  I don’t know if the coffee particles affected the overall taste of the latte.

When I drank my latte, I get a strong nutty flavor that overpowers all initial aromas.  After the first sip, the after taste that lingers at the back of the throat morphs into a pleasing chocolate flavor and aroma.  This transformation makes these beans very easy to drink.


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