LA Auto Show

I went to the LA Auto Show recently.  I’ve always heard about this show but never really looked into going.  However, I took advantage of a Groupon deal for 1-day discounted tickets.


It’s held at the LA Convention Center which also holds other events like Anime Expo.  But unlike Anime Expo, there weren’t a lot of people.  It’s nice to walk through the convention center without having to bump into people at each step.

Going to the different car exhibits, many of the car makers had model cars to sit in.  Three things kind of came to mind.

  1. The roofs of most cars are pretty low.  Sitting inside some the cars, my head was touching the roof.  Even after lowering the seat as low as possible, I barely had any clearance.  With some models, I could just slide my fingers between the roof and the head.  While in other models, the cutout for the sunroof gave me the “extra” room for my head.  Furthermore, I couldn’t even get inside some cars because I couldn’t bring my head underneath the frame of the door.  This was the same for most sedans, crossovers sedans and even SUVs.
  2. Many of the cars were set pretty low to the ground.  I had a hard time getting in and out because the car was set very low to the ground.
  3. Why is it that none of these car makers offer an embedded dash cam option?  An embedded dash cam eliminates the need to have wires running inside the car interior ruining the interior look and design.





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