Variety Coffee Roaster

December’s Angel’s Cup came really early… before Thanksgiving.   The timing couldn’t have been better because I had just finished the previous Angel’s Cup beans the day before. Win win!  December’s beans comes from Variety Coffee Roaster.  Angel’s Cup had previously sent me beans from this roaster a very long time ago.


The beans today are from Ethiopia’s Guji region.  Opening the box and then the bag, I’m greeted with aromas of dried peaches and dried berries.  After making my latte, the first sip was very smooth.  I tasted berries and peaches.  There was very little chocolate, nutty and toffee flavor.  That lack of chocolate is pretty surprising to me.  The lack of flavors are much more unique than beans from other roasters.  Many of the previous Ethiopian beans have hints of chocolate and nuts or a very strong toffee flavor taste. So I’m not sure why this so different from some of the other roasters.


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