Sunergos Coffee

This month’s Angel’s Cup comes from Sunergos Coffee.  The roasted beans comes from Ethiopia’s Guji region.  They also included a sticker as well too! The my airtight container that I store these open bags is being covered in these stickers now.


I get a strong aroma of dried peaches, berries and faint honey upon opening the bag.  I feel like many of the beans originating from Ethiopia tend to smell the same.  Is that coincidental?  I’m not sure.  After grinding, the ground beans brings out an earthy nutty aroma.

Making my latte, the first sip was delicious.  I get hints of berries, peaches and definitely honey flavors.  It leaves a really wonderful aftertaste that lingers right at the back of the tongue.  As I continue to drink it, each sip morphs into chocolate and nutty flavor that frankly makes me want more.  I think I’m going to really enjoy this coffee this month.



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