Coma Coffee Roasters

July’s Angels Cup comes from Coma Coffee Roasters.  The beans are from Ethopia’s Limu region, a region that I haven’t tasted beans from.  It’s northeast  of the Yirgacheffe region.  This map shows the regions of Ethiopia which puts the different locations into perspective.


The beans have a very subtle aroma of different berries, peach and a hint of spice… maybe cinnamon or cardamon.  What’s interesting to me about these beans is that I don’t really smell that earthy nuttiness each time I open the bag.  In quite a few past beans, I generally smell the nutty, toffee aroma upon opening the bag.  After grinding the beans, the subtle berry aroma still persists but the hints of spice disappear.  After using the Aeropress, the liquid espresso has a strong chocolate aroma prior to adding milk.

My first reaction on the first sip was that the latte does not have that nutty, toffee flavor.  It was mind blowing after having so many lattes that have that nutty, toffee flavor.  Yet the lack of this flavor brings out a different profile that I’m not used to.  The berries and the peach flavor are still there. Each sip is smooth and also envelops the mouth with a subtle chocolate feel.  Together with the berry flavor, the chocolate milk lingers at the back of the mouth with such a pleasant aftertaste.


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