Flat Track Coffee

Angel’s Cup delivered these Ethiopian Guji Region beans from Flat Track Coffee in early June.  I’ve had it for awhile.  Yes… it’s now late June and I’m only writing my thoughts after many a caffeinated days.  They also sent a sticker!


It never ceases to amaze how amazing roasted beans smell.  I’ve been getting these deliveries for some time and I’m constantly addicted to how wonderful the smell is.  I can’t imagine how much more pleasing smelling fresh roasted beans would be.  Now, admittedly these beans were opened a bit after they were roasted.  The aroma was fairly subdued predominantly with berries and nuts.  Upon grinding, the aroma blossomed into hints of cherry, toffee and cocoa.

Brewing my latte, I’m greeted with blueberry and peanuts flavors along with this strong earthy after taste that lingers at the back of my mouth.  The flavors are much more subdued with these beans.  Maybe I’m too used to drinking Ethiopian Guji region beans?  Is that even such a thing?



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