Gotham Coffee Roasters

This month’s Angel’s Cup (or maybe next month?) comes from Gotham Coffee Roasters.  It’s another Ethiopian coffee from the Guji area.  I think it’s the same region as the Guji Sidamo coffee beans that I’ve gotten before from other roasters in the past.  I do have to say that this packaging is simple yet stylish.  I think there’s something about the simple two color design similar to the Ritual Coffee Roaster bags.


Upon opening the bag, this wonderfully fruity/berry, chocolaty and licorice aroma greets me.   On a second sniff, I get this distinct nutty, earthy aroma that smells very much like many of the other African coffee beans… perhaps it’s a “regional” aroma?  I feel that the South American beans have a similar yet different nutty aroma.  Grinding the beans brings out the chocolaty licorice aroma followed by a strong blueberry aroma.  That nuttiness lingers on kind of like an after-smell.  Is there such a word?

Sipping my latte, it’s an explosion of different flavors.  Blueberry hits first. Followed by hints of licorice and chocolate.  Then the latte cycles back for some more fruity flavors of peach and it ends with this gentle peanut/nutty after taste.  The latte leaves this nice coated nutty flavor on my tongue.  The smoothness of the latte is also amazing.  I have at times found myself wanting more of the latte.  I think that shows just how delicious this bag of beans is.





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