Game of Thrones

Up until Saturday, I may have been part of the 1% that never watched or read Game of Thrones.  It’s an HBO show based off the fantasy series of the same name by George R.R. Martin.  Google had a promotion where I can purchase two TV episodes for $0.99 per episode.  The promotion is a pretty good deal but frankly there’s not many TV series that I watch that’s worth keeping.

Since $0.99 per episode isn’t that much to spend, I decided to buy the first two episodes of the first season of Game of Thrones.  My thoughts… after watching these two episodes, I’m reminded at the death, nudity and incest that occurs in the series.  I recall reading about the shock viewers had at such nudity and incest when it first came out.  And It certainly lives up to it’s reputation.  I’m also reminded about the notorious cliff hangers that the producers end each episodes with.  They definitely leave viewers with a sense of “what comes next!?” type of feeling.  I can see how certain characters are favorites in the show.  From just two episodes so far, I like the scrappy Tyrion Lannister.  His dialog with Jon Snow about owning up to being a bastard dwarf is great and very revealing of his nature.

If Google has more of these promotions, I’ll be sure to take advantage of it to slowly purchase the other episodes.  However, this show after two episodes doesn’t strike me as something I would enjoy to ask the many people who I know that have DVD/Blu-Ray discs.


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