Ticket Scalping…

Scalping Tickets is pretty big business.  Even Ticketmaster has decided to “allow” scalping of tickets by providing a secondary market for “verified” sales…  This is a screenshot of anyone looking to buy Hamilton Tickets.  Note the Orchestra prices.

Ticketmaster So Fucked Up 1

And do you know how much Orchestra tickets generally go for?  Less than 200 dollars without the added fees tacked.  Resale goes for double the initial purchasing price.  As much as I understand the whole arbitrage of tickets, I find it a bit absurd that Ticketmaster allows the resale of their own tickets.

Ticketmaster So Fucked Up 2

If you look carefully, some of the premium $650 seats are going for double as well.  Why would anyone want to pay double the price for premium seats when there are still seats left?  egads…



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