The Ocean Cleanup in LA

Have you heard of the “Great Garbage Patch” in the Pacific? Did you know that there is a company “The Ocean Cleanup” dedicated to cleaning up this garbage, to recycling the plastic and finding ways to reuse the collected plastics. This mission to clean up the ocean is admirable and I support them through yearly donations. You can request a donation receipt as well by selecting the topic of “Donation Receipt”. In the future, I hope they will be able to use the plastic collected to make more than just sunglasses like plastic bottles and items that contain mix use of plastics and metals. And yes, I even bought the sunglasses and blogged about it.

Through various research organizations, the Ocean Clean Up organization observed that one of the sources comes from the rivers that flow into the ocean. During periods of heavy rain, plastics that have been discarded upstream/upriver get washed into the ocean. As a way to counter the plastics that end up in the ocean, the Ocean Clean Up team also started to collect plastics that come from the rivers. One such collection effort can be found in LA. Known as Interceptor 007, it is located at the mouth of the Ballona Creek at Marina Del Rey. They even broadcasted live the “maiden voyage” to position the Interceptor at the mouth of the creek and the rationale to deploy in LA.

I need to find some time to take a stroll down to Ballona Creek to take pics.


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