My thoughts on Russia Invading Ukraine

In the past 48 hours, Russia is invading Ukraine.

Let’s think about it… a soveriegn nation is actively attacking and invading another sovereign nation. The last time this happened might be when Iraq invaded Kuwait (I think?). The rest of the world MUST respond by sending troops to defend and free Ukraine. It is the ONLY ACTION to take. If the world doesn’t commit any military action, it sends a signal that any nation who has a large military can attack and invade a smaller weaker neighboring nation while only suffiner “sanctions.”

The current sanctions will not do any good now that the fighting has started. Sanctions probably would never have worked against Russia. Russia doesn’t care about the money. It has enough resources and neutral parties (namely China) to trade with. What Russia wants is to annex Ukraine via puppet government similar to the old Soviet Union/USSR days. Russia is actively calling out Western democracies bluff on the use of force and the world needs to come together to show Russia cannot bully the world.

What can the world do? Here are my thoughts:

1) The United Nations should also seek to remove Russia from the Big 5. It should be replaced by another country (India? maybe an African country? a vote from the remaining assembly members?). There should be some sort of bullshit rule the UN assembly makes that specifically amends the UN rules that kicks out Big 5 members by a vote… maybe a majority of Big 5 + majority (or 60%, 65%, 75%?) of the assembly members. Russia after all has to be punished.

2) The democracies of the world MUST react with force to defend the principle of democracies.

3) China… yes China… if they want to take an active role as the 3rd super power… China should actually be leading the charge and be the first to put ground troops in Ukraine. Why? In the weeks leading up to this invasion, Russian “rhetoric” to justify invasion was centered around “freeing/liberating” the breakaway Ukrainian provinces. Or “supporting the breakaway provinces” plea to free themselves from “Ukrainian tyranny.” US intelligence apparently debunked most of these stories. Does any of these “free from tyranny” language sound familiar? Tibet? Xinjiang? What if a neighboring country decides to “Free Tibet” like how Russia is “freeing these breakaway provinces”? China absolutely needs to take a stand against Russia if anything to protect it’s own borders but more importantly shift the focus away/out of the bad parts of China and brand itself as Ukrainian liberators against Russian hegemony. China is probably in the best global position to act. They either need to stand up and become the 3rd super power or remain as a lackey to the Russians.


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