Netflix Explains COVID-19

Netflix has a new documentary on what is COVID-19 disease.  It’s a nice synopsis of everything the scientists currently know about the disease COVID-19 as well as the SARS-COV-2 virus that causes this disease.  And… there’s still a lot the scientists do not know.  If you still don’t think this pandemic is not “really that bad” and you want to “open up for business,”  this should be a mandatory watch for all of you.  I hope you change your mind after this.

However if you insist on still wanting to get out and open for business, please do everyone a favor and decline ANY AND ALL medical attention.  If you openly defy sound scientific advice, then naturally you should also not seek these scientific based medical attention that could save your life.  After all, the limited resources should be going to those essential workers (healthcare, grocery, restaurant workers) who were taking all the necessary precautions and were infected by the dummies who believed their freedoms were being “trampled on.”

There is no freedom from death.  There is no freedom when dead.


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