Netflix’s J-Style Trip

Jay Chou… musician, songwriter singer, actor, entertainer… and now a travel show host on Netflix.  Jay Chou certainly is using his leverage and star power to invite a lot of the Taiwanese guest entertainers to his show (so far up to episode 4).  What’s fun about the show is the guest will show Jay around a city (usually their home city) and the local attractions.  In addition to the guest, he also has a group of friends that tag along with him and act as the targets of his antics.  And of course the crowds that follow them trying to take a picture or autograph.  He has also has

What I didn’t know is Jay’s fascination with magic tricks and competitive nature.  In just about every show so far, there’s a competition with a punishment associated with losing.  Of course, Jay “has to not lose” every time and will stack the cards in his benefit.  Even his friends know that and are willing to play along.  In those interviews afterwards, you can tell they don’t take it him too seriously and it’s all in good fun.

In the Taipei episode (episode 4), Jay saying he’ll treat everyone at the restaurant is a good PR move.


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