Amazon’s Making the Cut

Do you remember Bravo’s Project Runway? Amazon was able to sign both Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum (the OG hosts of Project Runway) to a new show that looks and feels EXACTLY like Project Runway called Making the Cut.  The twist?  Apparently, the winer of each episode gets to have their design sold on Amazon.

Apparently, the show is popular enough and generated enough interest to have things “sold out.”  Although if you look at the Amazon review of the first episode’s winner, the reviews appear to be mixed.


Regardless, I find that these shows where creativity and design translates into tangible wearable clothing to be pretty fascinating.  It’s very similar to cooking competition shows like Top Chef, Master Chef or even Iron Chef (OG Japanese version is much better).  Both types of shows focus on the creativity of the chef or designer to create something that just “wows” the judges.  There’s rarely any cut throat or back stabbing like you see with other reality shows like Survivor, Bachelor, or Big Brother.  I also find creative/design shows to be different from talent shows like The Voice or American Idol.  With talent shows, people usually will know who a good singer is and it becomes a matter of cultivating that talent through hard work, good music and proper guidance of experienced professionals.

Anyways, if you have Amazon Prime… check out the show  Making the Cut.


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