Netflix’s Dirty Money

Netflix has this fascinating documentary called Dirty Money that describes in detail some of the ways Americans cheat other Americans.  The show is in season 2 and episode 5 about Guardianships absolutely sickens my stomach. The greed of individuals who are “managing” the estate of people knows no bounds and then using the court systems to “enforce/force” the older population into such an arrangement.  

I have to admire the older population who have been responsible and managed to amass a significant amount of wealth.  They worked, saved and managed to finally live a comfortable life including a bright retirement future with little need to worry about finances.  They are still in good health and have sharp, lucid mind.  Many of them are more than capable of living alone with perhaps a person to check on them every day/few days.  Truly a person able to enjoy their golden years with little monetary worries is something to admire.

When it comes to guardianships, I understand why there is a need for it.  There will be times when people are unable to make decisions let alone take care of themselves.  Yet from the documentary, there seems to be a system that seeks to take advantage of the court system to strip the elderly of the right to have a voice in the matter while assigning them to people who’ll manage the assets for a percentage of the total assets.  Not only that, the management could have special kickback relationships with other companies who provide services to the elderly that end up charging exorbitant prices.  Free reign over a person’s financials with no checks and no balances… egads…


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