Weird Phone Issue

Yesterday I encountered a weird issue with my phone.  For some inexplicable reason, the phone wouldn’t charge despite the “charging” message at the bottom of a connected phone.  After a quick Google search, I went through the motions of a phone reboot, and two factory resets.  By the time the phone reached below 15%,  I chatted with Google support and they decided to RMA the phone since the phone was still under warranty.  I was a bit disappointed that I’d be getting a refurbished phone.  Over the rest of the day, the phone ended up dying (no more battery).

When I got back home, I plugged it back in and somehow, my phone started charging again!  I don’t know what happened or why but the phone seemed to have just reset itself?!?  I contacted Google support again to see what I can do to cancel the RMA order.  And they apparently shipped it out already within 12 hours!?  That was an extremely fast order processing!

Although I’m glad to not have to replace my phone, because of the factory reset, I have to re-download the apps, reconnect my accounts and re-customize all my settings is a pain.  As of this morning, I have most of the critical apps downloaded.  I left off some apps I don’t use frequently so I suppose it’s a small blessing in disguise.  I finished reconnecting all the different accounts.  I think most of my settings have been re-customized now.  I do have to say it is annoying trying to find all the different settings and then remembering what they do.  Aside from specific WiFi connections, re-pairing Bluetooth devices, and adding music files back to my phone, I think my phone is back up and running for typical daily usage.


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