Grand Tour Season 2

It looks like Amazon’s Grand Tour is back for season 2!  Of the five episodes I’ve watched so far, the cars they drive are absolutely amazing to look at.  The Acura NSX, the Ford GT, and the McLaren 720S all look beautiful.  The sleek low aerodynamic styling is definitely a head turner.

This season though has a two interesting things happen already.  The first is the car crash and fiery explosion of a concept super car.  The second is not as bad but still putting water into a gas tank kind of bad.  It makes me wonder about a few things…

  • Are these cars being loaned out to Amazon for use?  Some of these super cars they drive aren’t cheap.
  • What happens to all the incidental damage that happens to a car or other cars during the filming of the episode?
  • Why is the term “super car” reserved only for sleek and stylish fast cars?



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